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Handmade Pocket comb review
    "My husband loves the comb ! Thank you for such a great product. It works great with his beard which curly in some places and curly in other places."
    Natalie C.
    Great product
      "Been using everyday for 2 weeks and i love it! Great product"
      Kevin M.
      Thanks Kevin! - Sons of Hollis
        "Been using it for 2 weeks and I love the product. Couldn’t be happier"
        Kevin M.
        Excellent Products!!
          "I really enjoy both the beard oil and the balm. Great fragrances and excellent workability. The oil is wonderfully silky. My beard looks and feels great. ( Canelle Starter Pack)"
          Leo L.
          Thank you so much Leo. Welcome to the family! - Sons of Hollis
          Beard Conditioner 10/10
            "Got this for my boyfriend after my friend suggested it. He never thought to condition his beard, but he's loving it. 10/10 would recommend!"
            Awesome! - Sons of Hollis
            Smells great
              "I love the beard balm and it smells great. Love the cinnamon scent and how it makes my beard feel and look."
              Sean L.
              Thank you so much! - Sons of Hollis
              Great Product!!!!
                "This product really helped to keep my beard moisturizer and in place throughout the day."
                Jerome L.
                Appreciate it, Jerome! - Sons of Hollis
                Amazing products
                  "Amazing products"
                  Langley Y.
                  Mini Stash comb
                    "I'm just beginning my beard journey. Barely got a need for the comb. But I'm slowly grooming and combing to train my short,yet, coarse hair to grow properly. I also purchased the oil and the beard palm. Trying to take care of my skin. Now I wait and hope my facial hair respond well to it"
                    Papa D.
                    Puts a smile on you and your man's faces!
                      "He looooves when I give him facials, and the beard conditioner is a game-changer. He has very coarse beard hair and a very close haircut, so I worked the conditioner into both. Exceptional results: the hair was super soft and the beard balm made it super shiny without feeling tacky. The Valencia Beard Balm made his skin and hair SO SOFT, with a beautiful sheen. The warm scent just makes you want to breathe him in!"
                      Keesha J.
                      Ladies love the smell and
                        "Ladies love the smell and the product works well"
                        Troy S.
                        Awesome! - Sons of Hollis
                        Product Review
                          "I don't fancy the scent of the redwood canelle as much as I do the Pomono. Your oil and balm is pretty much the only product that works for my beard. I love the product however the oil always waste even when I shit it correctly. I can't seem to pack it around without it spilling. Great product!"
                          Sergio E.
                          Great product
                            "Great product"
                            Hieu N.
                            Amazing amazing ! My boyfriend
                              "Amazing amazing ! My boyfriend loved the product thank you so Much!"
                              Yveline B.
                              Great Product and worth the price
                                "I've struggled to find the right product for my beard. I have coarse hair and this pack along with the beard conditioner has made my beard softer with a nice scent. I have even received several compliments of how soft nice my beard feels. I'm looking forward to trying all of the different scents. If you're curious about these products, get them now. You will not regret it."
                                Wil i.
                                Thank you, Will! - Sons of Hollis
                                Awesome product
                                  "I purchased the canelle beard balm and oil for my husband for Christmas and he loved it ! The smell is amazing we will repurchase in the future"
                                  Brittany B.
                                  Good stuff
                                    "I use it daily and will order more."
                                    Shawn S.
                                    Great Gift
                                      "My husband loves the product. I am so happy I found this and he loves it."
                                      Kameca M.
                                      Great product
                                        "This is the best beard oil I have ever used. I love the texture and scent"
                                        Damon T.
                                          "Husband/son LOVE the products!"
                                            "This is fantastic company for anyone looking for a more intimate appeal for their beard care products. The clearly appreciate their customers and provide a wonder product. My beard is infinitely smoother (which my wife enjoys) and the scent is amazing. Will shop again."
                                            Anthony J.
                                            Excellent Product and company
                                              "My husband enjoys the starter kit and it does not leave him oily!"
                                              Suzannah S.
                                              Beard Balm
                                                "Great product dosen't give your beard a greasy feel once applied and it gives your beard a nice sheen throughout the day."
                                                Nigel D.
                                                Great product
                                                  "Satisfied with there redwood Beard oil good scent. Will buy again and recommend to friends."
                                                  Tyler J.
                                                  Valencia Beard Balm
                                                    "Great product,use everyday"
                                                    Donald A.
                                                    Pomono Beard Balm
                                                      "Love it"
                                                      Sheku S.
                                                        "Excellent product!!!!"
                                                        Lisa S.
                                                        1st time buyer. Love it
                                                          "the valencia beard balm is my first purchase with boldbeardsmen and im really enjoying it. I will surely purchase again"
                                                          Isang I.
                                                          Great product
                                                            "Great product"
                                                            Victor L.
                                                            The Pomono beard balm makes
                                                              "The Pomono beard balm makes my beard soft and easy to manage. It has a subtle aroma that does not linger all day which is a good thing in my book.I will definitely try their other products."
                                                              Madu O.