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Awesome all around!
    "Awesome product! Speedy shipping!"
    Isaac B.
    Awesome wonders!
      "Awesome wonders!"
      Steven E.
      Future Use
        "Currently still using my Pomono balm but expect the same quality from the Canelle."
        Kenny D.
        Great Product
          "Great Product"
          Steven E.
          Kent Comb
            "Comb works great!"
            Derek M.
            Tiny comb, but big...uhh...comb.
              "I didn't use this product as intended. (I should get that out of the way at the start.) It says mustache comb. Right there on the package. It said it. I read it. I knew it...but, you know, after getting out of the shower and putting some of the Valencia balm in my beard...yeah. I did it. I used this tiny brush and brushed out my entire (huge) beard. I immediately wanted to log back in and buy the full-size comb, but I didn't...and now I'm glad that I waited. I found out that a (lesser-bearded, but still a good person) friend of mine was using the comb from a lice kit as a mustache So, anyways, now I'll order him a decent mustache comb when I fill out my beard comb collection. It really is miles ahead of a regular comb. I didn't super-believe it, either...but the price was good and I'd been meaning to try one so I threw it in there. Very glad that I did. tl;dr This comb is great and you should have one anywhere that you're likely to wash your beard."
              Frank M.
              Soft beard
                "Product is great!!! Softens my beard like no other. Love it. Keep it up Fam!!!"
                Joseph M.
                Great product
                  "Love the consistency of this beard balm and the fragrance is amazing. Quality is the the standard but Bold Beardsmen exceeds expectation."
                  Depris P.
                  Great Product/Speedy Delivery
                    "Great Product which I use every morning now. Pleasant smell and absorbs well without leaving that greasy film like other products. Solid ingredients essential for the skin and hair. Would recommend and look forward to another purchase."
                    Cecil j.
                      "A beard balm so great I didn't just purchase a product, I purchased an experience. It smells amazing and it's fast absorbing material helps. I use it daily to start my morning the right way. I highly recommend."
                      Asher K.
                      Love it
                        "Love the beard balm just wish it came in bigger jar."
                        Derek M.