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June 13, 2017

black beard careThe toiletry market for men is growing faster than ever before for one simple reason: beards. Beards, everywhere.

Men around the world are buying more grooming products to trim and style their facial hair, and that includes beard balms, beard oils, combs, and shampoos. According to a 2015 Euromonitor report, the male toiletry market grew by 4% that year to reach an incredible $3.4 billion -- and just think about how many new beards have been grown in the last two years. Increasingly, African American men are embracing facial hair, too.

Black beard care is an art, one that requires the proper tools and instruments to ensure perfection. It also requires the knowledge of how to use those tools, when to use them, and how to get the best use out of them. Unfortunately, like most aspects of the beauty industry, most hair care and beard care tips are aimed at a white audience.

To help black men everywhere grow the best beards possible, here are some tips for expert level African American beard care, and general tips on how to keep your facial hair looking sharp and healthy.

Don't Forget Your Skin
Before you start worrying about the hair itself, you also want to make sure the skin underneath the beard is healthy. That requires taking the extra time to thoroughly clean the skin, even if it seems out of sight. Remember: hair follicles are a part of your skin, which means taking care of your skin should be rule number one of African American beard care.

You should avoid products that contain dyes and lanolin, as they can cause irritation, dryness, and clog your pores. Use a mechanical cleaning brush to lift up your facial hair and get rid of dead skin cells. Combine it with a face wash that has fruit acids or salicylic acids to prevent pore clogging and ingrown hairs. Do your research on proper black men beard products and skincare products to keep your skin fresh and clean.

Proper Grooming
You need to trim. It doesn't matter if you're growing it out or keeping it short -- you should still give it a proper trim. African American beard grooming may be a bit trickier because of the coarse and curly nature of most hairs, but many men have coarse beard hairs, and that doesn't stop them from trimming. You may want that forgot-to-shave scruffy look, but even that look takes some effort to maintain.

There's no such thing as effortless style. You have to work for it. Practice proper black beard care and trim your whiskers whenever they get too scruffy. In order to do that, you're going to need the right tools.

Build a Kit
Many men mistakenly believe that the whole point of growing a beard is so that they can get rid of all their shaving supplies. Those men are wrong. Virtually all types of facial hair require some type of grooming, which means you're going to need scissors, razors, combs, and beard balm for black men. Once you find the best black beard products for you, put together a toiletry kit that contains everything you need to look your best. Proper black beard care requires constant effort, like all styling. You want your tools ready.

That can be oils, brushes, or shampoos. Just have a kit ready.

Taking care of your beard takes time and effort, but the alternative is a scraggly beard that looks downright pathetic. If you have any tips for black beard care, leave them down below. And if you have any questions about the best black beard products, reach out and contact us. We'll be happy to help.