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Temperatures Are Dropping: Is Your Skin Ready?

January 04, 2019

4 skin care tips you’ll need to combat the cold.

Fall is a wonderful season, though enjoying it fully is difficult for one simple reason: once fall concludes, in comes winter, and oh what a dreadful season winter can be. Of course, there are some great things about winter—surely you can count them all on one hand. The bad things about winter, however, are numerous, though the one in focus for this article is cold temperatures; specifically, what you can do to protect your skin when the thermometer begins to drop.

Watch Your Thermostat

When low temperatures begin to creep into your home, a natural response is to crank up the heat. This may solve the temperature problem, but your skin is going to pay the price. Heating the air in your home will only dry your skin out more: it’ll be flaky, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Break Out The Humidifier

Humidifiers are essential during cold months when dry air is all you’re consuming day in and day out. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, and the effects of these devices are in most cases noticeable.

Avoid Hot Showers: Warm Water Will Do

On mornings where the cold has gripped nearly every room in your home, a long, hot shower may seem ideal. The instant gratification brought by warmth will distract you from the fact that, while you’re enjoying the heat, the hot water is stripping your skin of natural oils and drying it out.

Stay Away from Harsh Soaps

The principle here is similar to the one above: using harsh soaps will dry out your skin and deprive it of natural oils. Harsh soaps are loaded with all kinds of things your skin can do without, which means you should always go with gentler options—especially during cold months!