Beard Grooming Kits & Beard Oil for Black Men


    Handmade all-natural beard care products proven to bring the absolute best out of coarse curly and wavy beards.

    NO Sulfates, NO Silicones, NO Parabens, NO Petrolatum, NO Mineral Oil, NO Synthetic Colors, NO Phthalates, NO Animal Testing, NO Animal Ingredients.

    You deserve to take the time to take care of yourself, including your beard and hair. Sons of Hollis was founded to help black men and other men of color care for our beautifully coarse and curly hair patterns, with clean ingredients and no harsh chemicals in our products.

    That’s why we’re proud to offer a beard grooming kit for black men and men of color. It includes beard wash, beard conditioner, beard balm, and beard oil for black men, in addition to combs and beard brushes.

    Why Sons of Hollis?

    We started in Hollis, Queens, in 2015 specifically to fill the need we saw for high-quality beard-care and hair care products specifically for the curly and coarse hair patterns of black men and other men of color.

    Our products allow you to care for your hair and beard with all-natural, moisturizing ingredients that nourish your hair, beard, skin, and scalp. We never add sulfates, silicones, synthetic colors, phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, or animal ingredients. Additionally, we never test our products on animals, so you can be assured you’re buying cruelty-free.

    When you buy a beard grooming kit for black men from Sons of Hollis, you’re supporting a black-owned business by purchasing products made by men of color, for men of color.

    Our Grooming Kits and Products

    No matter your grooming needs, we offer grooming kits, products, and gifts to help you take better care of your hair and beard.

    We of course offer all products individually as well as in sets just for the hair or just for the beard. We also offer full sets with or without our pocket beard comb or 100% boar hair bristle brush.

    To order your beard grooming kit, beard oil, or any of our other all-natural hair products — or a gift certificate for someone you know and love — browse below and place your order today!