Beard Care Tips

Many men are choosing to abandon the ways of their beardless past and stand proudly with their brothers in glorious bearded unity. This is a great change from the last few decades in which men had to be clean shaven or risk feeling inadequate next to those that are smooth-faced and “attractive” by the media’s standards.

But no matter what a man may do or what his origins may be, he has to take care of his beard. There is no greater shame than a beard that is poorly kept. It displays a lack of care on the man’s part, a disinterest in maintaining his appearance.

He might as well not have a beard at all.

This is especially true for those that have coarse and thick hair, like the average black man. Black men beard care is an art, and many famous African American men have mastered it. Many athletes, actors, singers, and high-profile men in the black community have a well kept and well maintained beard.

But how does one practice the best black men beard care? What do they need to do to stand proudly among the stars of their community?

First, one must be patient. A beard does not grow overnight; it takes several weeks to reach a small part of its full potential. After this time has passed, they need to find a style that suits what they desire, and one that matches their face shape. Doing so will make the beard -- and the man -- look better.

Secondly, know when and how to trim. Getting the right tools for the job is important, and maintaining the beard is a key part of making it look good. There are different ways to do this depending on the style and the length.

Thirdly, love thy beard oils. Beard oil, especially for a black man, is important. Beard oil for black man’s facial hair can mean the difference between a smooth look and a wild, untamed mane. The coarse and curly nature of the hairs causes them to be uneven and ruins the sleek and sexy appearance that is desired. Always use beard oil.

Finally, eat well for beard health. A man can’t grow an epic beard if he doesn’t have the fuel to do so. Things like proteins and fats can dramatically help the health and look of a man’s facial hair. That means focusing on lean meats, eggs, milk, and leafy greens. Commitment requires getting a healthy diet set up to support the budding masterpiece.

These are just some of the better tips for black man beard care, or beard care for any man. Keep these things in mind while browsing our product lines for the best possible care products for you. You have the right to a sleek, sexy beard style the same as any man, and we’re here to help.