Types of Beard Care Products

A beard is a symbol of rebellion in a clean cut world. That is what we believed when founding Sons of Hollis. It sets you apart from the average Joe and allows you to walk with your head held high. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to helping men embrace the more refined versions of themselves.

From our humble roots in a basement in Queens, New York, we have built a world class product based on days of talking with members of the bearded community. We talked to men of the world and men of the home, men of the streets and men of the wilderness, risk takers, back breakers -- the unsung heros of America. Our products are designed to elevate you, distinguish you, and celebrate your bold lifestyle.

Our Products

We have a wide range of black men beard products designed with our community in mind. Bearded men can rest assured that we had their needs in mind when we developed our brand of beard care products. Every product we offer is:

  • Green
    We offer a wide range of products to keep your beard at its boldest. Our African American beard products are completely natural and all organic, so there is no need to worry about damage to your hair or the environment.

  • Built For Any Beard
    We've designed our beard products for black man’s facial hair; however, it works well for all types of beards, especially those with curly or coarse hair. Our products will help straighten and soften your beard, giving you the control you've dreamed about.

  • Types of Products

    We offer four separate types of product, each designed to serve a different purpose in your beard care routine. Choose the items that best suit your needs or get the full beard care experience with one of our package deals.

  • Beard Conditioner
    Our beard conditioner is designed to replenish both hair and skin with natural oils to maximize growth and keep your beard looking healthy.
  • Luxury Beard Balm
    Beard balms are designed to protect you from the constant assault of dust and dandruff you encounter during the day-to-day.
  • Premium Beard Oil
    Our beard oils come in an array of scents, but they are always lightweight and non-greasy. These products are the best way to style your beard.
  • Grooming Tools
    Our combs will help you get the job done. Each one is handmade to provide the most seamless styling experience available.

  • At Sons of Hollis, we understand the importance of your beard and your image. We provide the best tools to keep you looking bold.