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Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil - What’s the Difference and Which One Is Best for You?

Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil - What’s the Difference and Which One Is Best for You?

Taking care of your beard can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to growing one and have no experience with beard products. If you did any research  you most likely came across two distinct types of beard conditioners: Beard oils and beard balms.

Although there are some differences, oils and balms both help hydrate, nourish, and soften your beard while conditioning the hairs on your face. This is especially beneficial for men who have coarse, dry, or curly beards. Because they basically perform the same functions, you may wonder what the main differences are between the two and whether you should choose one over the other.

Read on to learn more about the differences between oils and balms and which one is best for you.

What Are Beard Oils?

Beard oil is an oil-based moisturizer. You can apply it to your entire beard to keep it lush, healthy, and well-maintained. Essential and carrier oils such as Moroccan Argan, Coconut, Sunflower, and Avocado oils, among others, are the primary ingredients found in beard oils. They all have nourishing and beneficial properties.

Using high-quality beard oils will add moisture to your skin, soften the hair, reduce itching, and promote healthy beard development. We use jojoba and argan oils in our beard oils because they are like your body’s natural oils. This makes it easy for your hair and skin to absorb. While some beard oils may have a greasy feel to them, the best ones will leave your beard and face moisturized rather than greasy.

Beard Oil for black men

How to Use Beard Oil

If you want to get the best results, use beard oil with beard balm, but nothing is stopping you from using it as a standalone. When you decide to use it with beard balm, apply beard oil first.

Complete your wash-out routine with Beard Wash and Conditioner then apply beard oil when it’s nearly dry. This will help keep moisture within your hair follicles and pores. 

To apply beard oil, squeeze a small amount of oil into your palm and massage into your beard and skin. Applying the oil to your beard with a beard brush will help you distribute the oil evenly. Beard oil, like beard balm, does not require rinsing after application.

Beard oil is especially beneficial during the first 4 to 6 weeks of beard growth. This is the period in which itching can be a problem. With a thick and long beard, beard oil may prove easier to use than beard balm to achieve the desired results.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balms, as opposed to beard oils, are relatively new to the beard grooming space but gaining popularity fast.

Beard balms have a higher viscosity than beard oils because they are made from a combination of butter or hard oils, such as shea or mango butter. They also contain waxes, and other carrier oils similar to those found in beard oil.

Because of its thicker texture, balm coats the surface of the skin and the hair shaft, causing it to take longer to be absorbed. This has the effect of creating a conditioning effect that is more gradual. The thickness adds weight to the beard, which helps to hold down stubborn beard hairs and flyaways that cause your beard to look messy.

If you have a medium to large beard, you may benefit from beard balm. This is because as your beard grows further away from your face, it becomes more difficult for the beard oil to penetrate to your skin beneath  the roots. Applying beard balm to the ends of your beard will provide you with slow hydration throughout the day.

The best beard balm will serve as a beard moisturizer, conditioner, and styler in one convenient package. If you want your beard to appear thicker and healthier, you will find our beard balm  useful because it contains 100% natural shea butter, which coats hair follicles and makes them appear thicker. 

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If you  have a beard that requires control and shaping, you will benefit from the light-to-medium hold and volume provided by this product.

But whatever you choose, avoid beard balms that contain synthetic sealants, such as petroleum jelly, because they can irritate your skin and cause facial hair to break or become discolored. In our beard balm, we’ve included shea butter and Moroccan argan, almond, castor, and beeswax, which are all-natural oils that work to moisturize hair follicles while also promoting beard growth and preventing breakage.

How to Use Beard Balm?

Always start with your wash-out products to cleanse and soften your beard first,  then apply beard balm when it is completely dry.  For The best results, use after you have applied beard oil to lock in moisture after a good wash. . 

To apply the balm, take out a small amount and rub between your palms. Massage the balm into the skin beneath your beard with your fingers as you go through your facial hair. This will help in the nourishment of facial hair at its roots.

Brush the balm through your beard with a beard brush to ensure that the balm is distributed throughout your beard and that you style it accordingly. You can apply the product and leave it until your beard is ready for another wash. . 

Benefits of Using Beard Balm And Beard Oil

When you use beard balm and beard oil together, you get the most benefits. Each will make your beard look, feel, and smell fantastic on its own. Now imagine them working together.

Everyone’s skin, including yours, produces a natural oil called sebum. Sebum contributes to the formation of a protective barrier on your hair and skin, which aids in the retention of moisture. This is critical for your beard’s overall health, condition, and appearance.

The harsh detergents found in most everyday soaps and shampoos strip away sebum in the shower. This can cause dry skin and brittle beards.

Conditioning products like our Growth Beard Oil and Nourishing Beard Balm can help reduce sebum loss in the hair. The oils go a step further by assisting in the delivery of vitamins and nutrients to the skin and hair, improving the health, strength, softness, and fragrance of your beard.

Other advantages of using balm and oil are:

Prevents Beard Itch: Beard itch is common during the first couple of weeks of beard growth. Beard oil can serve as the first line of defense against itching, and you can strengthen that defense by incorporating beard balm.

Protects from the Elements: Humidity, cold, and excessive sun exposure can all cause protein loss in your beard hair fibers. Beard balm can help protect your beard thanks to the thin protective layer created by beeswax.

Increases Beard Volume: If you’re having trouble growing a thick beard, beard balms contain a lot of beeswax and tropical hard fats like shea butter and cocoa butter, which are thick and can add volume and weight to your beard hairs.

Promotes a Healthier Beard: Beard oil contains vitamins, micronutrients, and fatty acids, which help to improve beard/skin health and strengthen hair follicles. A nutritious diet and healthy skin are the foundations of a healthy beard.

Bottom Line

Which is better for your beard, beard balm or beard oil? You’re probably asking the wrong question. 

They both offer a slew of advantages that will help you better style your beard while also promoting its growth, luster, and health. Rather than choosing between the two, why not combine the best of both worlds?

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  • Joseph E Polley

    Thank you for this information. When I first started using your product, I didn’t know if I should apply the oil or balm first. I asked that question on your contact page and someone answered with the information. I’m glad I found your product, happy to support a black owned business. These are very good products.

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