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The Essentials Of Black Beard Care: The Basics

black man beard care productsIf you're looking for the best African American beard products, you first have to start with the best tips for beard care for black man. That's because in 2017, beards are everywhere. You don't want just another scraggly beard -- you want that perfect beard that awes and inspires others.

So to start, we'll let you in on a few black man beard grooming secrets, specifically for those of you that might be just starting out with facial hair.

Let It Grow

You should let your beard grow out for four to six weeks before trying to find your personal style. This can help you find out how fast your beard grows and where it grows. At this level of growth, you can notice areas that might be patchy or thicker than normal and could affect your overall style.

You should still condition and properly wash your beard at this stage, however. You should use a conditioner twice a week combined with regular face washing to have the best healthy beard.

Choose The Right Product

Now, to answer your question on the right black man beard care products. Black beard care is a little more tricky when compared to the beards of other men. We need extra moisture to keep them from becoming dry and brittle, and it is important to get grooming products that hydrate facial hair and skin alike.

Store bought soaps and shampoos simply won't cut it; they actually dry out the face and strip the beard of necessary oils. Avoid it if you can, and then use all-natural soaps and cleansing oils for your beard washing. More importantly, look for beard care products designed specifically for African American facial hair.

Oils for Black Men

You want to get beard oils crafted from more natural sources, not fragrance-based oils. Fragrance oils are sometimes made with ingredients that are undisclosed, and they can actually have harsher chemicals that dry out the skin and cause irritation.

Get Beard Balm

Many men will also need beard balm. In fact, it's one of the most essential black man beard care products around. It will be full of all the same moisturizers that are in beard oils, but also have butter and waxes that act as sealants to hold that moisture in. They will keep your beard and your skin hydrated, which will make the beard look thicker.

Black beard care is an art, and you need to refine your skill and your knowledge so that you can stand alongside the masters of the craft. Using the tips and knowledge given to you here, you will be able to start your journey towards awesome facial hair on the right step.

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